How can you see the quality of a translation?

The answer is that usually, you can not. Thankfully if you choose Intart Design as your translation provider you did not need to. We absolutely always have a second translator carefully check and proofread all of our work.

  • Proof-reading as standard – many translation companies offer proof-reading only as an optional extra. All of Intart Design translations are proof-read by a second professional translator for accuracy and style, then re-checked by our linguists. They are then checked again following in-house typesetting, should this service be required.
  • Outstanding technical resources – we use the latest CAT tools, Project Management software and DTP/typesetting applications to ensure your translations are produced and delivered in formats that are globally compatible with your needs.

Step by step translation methodology

methodoloqie traduction To maintain a superior quality of service, our methodology works in different phases :

Phase 1 - Preparation
Phase 2 - Translation phase
Phase 3 - Proofreading
Phase 4 - Delivery
Phase 5 - Following up your Translation Memory

Help Us to Help You

There are some things you can do to help the translation process:

  • Provide us with any reference material you may have (brochures already in the target language, a link to a country-specific website etc)
  • Supply us with a glossary, if you have one: if there are certain terms that must be translated in a certain way, a glossary ensures consistency
  • Set a reasonable timeframe for your project: a translator can translate around 1,500 words a day, but you should also make allowances for the time required for checking and the possibility of any problems arising (changes or additions to the original file, problems with technology, questions from the translator etc)

Quality Assurance

Key elements of our quality assurance process is proofreading and editing of translation. Proofreading is used to ensure correctness of translation in terms of grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, etc. Editing is used to ensure correctness of translation in terms of terminology, appropriateness and style. These linguistic checks are hard to automate, so they are always performed by native linguists. For formatting checks, we use both integrated and standalone QA tools. After the publication and prior to delivery, we have the final product checked in our QA department and by the translator.

The following principles make the basis of our business operations:

Efficiency: achieve our goals by means of utilizing our resources to the fullest.

Flexibility: maximize our problem-solving capabilities by means of continuous control and exploring the capabilities of the human workforce. We make every effort to satisfy our clients’ needs as quickly and flexibly as possible.

Consistency: organize our work based on strict principles and workflow

High quality: we guarantee the permanent high quality of our output using strict quality assurance procedures.

Teamwork: in order to deliver, it is imperative to have effective teamwork, which is applied by all our colleagues and partners.

Subcontractors: we work with highly qualified and experienced translators and proofreaders, each of whom know and accept our principles. Our expectations are clearly defined for them we consistently check their work and provide feedback on quality.

Our quality standards regulate the flow, from the offer to the prompt delivery. Here at Intart Design, we can react flexibly to your wishes. From a small document to an extensive project, we handle everything – precisely, reliably, and for a reasonable price.