foto Conovca NataliaConovca Natalia

Founder & CEO

What used to be a hobby, or rather a strength, turned into a success story. However, success was not only about the financial profitability, but also about friendly relationships among company’s staff, based on cooperation and trust, also about customers’ fidelity, rich experience and quality translation – which is still the paramount goal of the company.

The education in Economics and Business, along with the strong linguistic skills represented the basis on which Natalia’s years of experience piled up, and she should probably be proud now of having worked for more than 15 years in the translation and interpretation industry.  As the founder of ”Intart Deisgn” Translation Company,  Natalia invested a lot of effort in order to keep the company up-to-the-minute in terms of new technologies especially, always keeping in mind that quality matters most. Thus, “Intart Design” was the first company in Moldova to use the MemoQ Server, which boosted up productivity and quality.  

Over the years, Natalia Conovca worked with a great lot of companies and organizations known worldwide, such as: UNICEF, OSCE, OECD, IMF (USA), UNDP, the World Bank, ILO, the US Embassy in Moldova, the Council of Europe, Lumos NGO and many others, the collaboration with which is much appreciated and constitutes a priceless experience that anyone could be proud of.


foto Conovca SergiuConovca Sergiu

Project Manager

This is the person who ensures a trouble-free atmosphere within the company, making the right arrangements and appointments so that every member of the team is where they are supposed to be, so as for the deadlines to be met and for the customers to be satisfied. With knowledge gathered from Universities in Moldova and Romania, he sure knows how to make a company work without a hitch.


Tatiana Kuzminov

Translator & Interpreter

The ever so smiling and friendly Tatiana became part of the company about 8 years ago and never left it ever since. She launched her carrier in translation after having received her higher education degree in the International Economic Relations Department. With the lovely English that she spoke, it was like long-since decided that she was tailored to be an interpreter. One can barely find a flaw with whatever gets to be translated or interpreted by her, which is why those who’ve worked with her once – always come back for more.

Aurel Căpâlna


The graduate of two Universities in Romania is always up for searches and researches for the appropriate terms. He is the ultimate master when it comes to juggling words around in order to end up with the best translation variant, which is flawless to the extent that you would hardly figure out it is not the original text. This translator is unsparing in his efforts to find the correct term, be it English, German or Romanian.

Cristina Antonov

Translator & Interpreter

Meet one of the youngest members of the company. But do not be deceived, her skills are much ahead of her age. Her career path started as a student of the Moldova State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, where she learned a lot form brilliant teachers who kept nothing for themselves when they shared their knowledge and experience. She believes that high quality is a translator’s best friend.

Olga Rudic

Translator & Interpreter

One never knows where the paths of life are taking you to, but you may be certain they took you right where you were supposed to be when you know that you enjoy whatever you end up doing. Graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the Moldova State University, and of the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relationship, always had a flair for languages and she was right as rain about the profession she chose, or maybe the profession chose her. Either way, anybody in for some English, Japanese, Romanian translation and interpretation?