Since its formation in 2003, Intart Design has been proud to provide a wide range of services to its clients. Together with its committed philosophy and leading edge technology, Intart Design Tanslation Company makes sure that all its services are delivered to the highest standard.

Our ability to reorganise in accordance with customer requirements makes us one of the best language service providers in Moldova.

  • Written translations
  • Consecutive and simultaneous and escort interpretations
  • Text editing and proofreading
  • Web page localizations
  • Web page and software localization
  • DTP/Graphic layout of the texts
  • Special glossaries development

Languages We mainly specialize:

  • English-Romanian translations
  • English-Russian translations
  • Romanian - Russian translations
  • French - Romanian translations

  • Romanian-English translations
  • Russian - English translations
  • Russian - Romanian translations
  • Romanian - French translations

Translation area we cover


Life Sciences

Finance & Legal

Media & Publishing

Human Resources

EU Standards


Mobile & Telecommunications

Training & Education

Technology & Software


Travel & Tourism

Information Techonology


It is important to know that it takes much more than a dictionary to be a good translator, and translators are not made overnight. To be a good translator requires a sizeable investment in both source and target languages and we work on it continuously. We offer a one stop shop for all your translation needs.

Any successful project starts with an effective communication plan. Whether it is a lack of information, a predominance of misinformation or the appearance of conflicting goals among parties, our team at Intart Design can work with you to overcome obstacles and build and maintain support to make your project successful.