Use of Translation Memory Systems in Translation

Our Translation Group at Intart Design relies heavily on Translation Memory (TM) tools. Translation Memory should not be confused with Machine Translation or Google Translate.

Translation Memory, on the other hand, is a database application technology we have been using for over 5 years. The TM system monitors the progress of translation in real time and memorizes each linguistic unit (sentence, phrase or block of text) with its translation. When the linguistic unit re-occurs, the TM tool notifies the translator and allows him to insert the saved translation if he so desires.

These Translation Memory systems can both increase productivity of our translators and enhance the quality of their translation. The use of Translation Memory leads to greater consistency as the same phrases and terminology are translated identically throughout each revision of each document, even if different translators work on different portions of the document or revisions of the document. Translation Memory can also significantly decrease the time spent translating, thus lowering the cost to the client and allowing quicker turnaround of translation projects.