Quality Assurance

Assurance 1
We tailor our approach to match your needs.

Lowering costs, speeding up delivery
Intart Design staff are attentive and flexible. We have to be. Client needs vary, and the translation process varies according to those needs. Sometimes high volume translation demands that we use a faster and more cost-effective process. There are other situations where speed and accuracy are called for - as when you need translation of an important fax you just received - but high quality is not necessary. You`ll need to know what the fax means and you`ll need to know fast, but improving the "quality" of the translated prose would add unnecessary time and cost. Our staff will know what you need. In many such cases we help you find ways to reduce costs.

When quality matters most
Translation of a company`s marketing presentation, for example, requires much more close attention to the quality of the copy than other documents. In cases where the highest quality translation matters, we make sure that detailed consultations are scheduled and well chosen native copywriters are matched with the job, perform research and actually rewrite the document afresh in close collaboration with our seasoned proofreading professionals.

Assurance 2
You can count on our processes and standards.

Our translators and reviewers, each with years of experience in the industry, follow practice-proven standards and procedures. Our comprehensive work-flow system ensures reliable quality that matches the needs of any given translation job. Depending on the order requirements, the process usually includes a plan of action, quality assurance steps, compilation of glossaries, team reviews, and several other steps.

Assurance 3
We will match you with the right team. Guaranteed.

An Intart Design team that serves the same client two or three times develops a relationship with that client. You should find that the team develops a closer and closer working relationship with you, understands your needs and satisfies them. However, if, for any reason, you feel dissatisfied with the staff assigned to you, contact our customer service desk and we will match you with a different team.


Assurance 4
We guarantee confidentiality and security.

As a matter of course, we handle all client documents with strict confidentiality. Your Intart Design account rep will be happy to draw up confidentiality agreements if required.